Marine Mammal Observer Training Course

The Marine Mammal Observer training course will consist of four full days in total.

About The Training Course

The Marine Mammal Observer training course will provide you with the knowledge to work as an MMO. To become fully qualified by JNCC you need to complete a full practical assessment.

Throughout the theory you will receive continuous assessment on each unit in order to ensure you have retained the information, allowing our staff to identify areas that require more work ensuring you are fully equipped to perform your role.

Please note that the JNCC certification allows you to work on the UKCS (United Kingdom Continental Shelf).



All assessments and quizs along with the practical at sea will be marked and count towards your final grade. Your final grade will be awarded once you have completed all of the training course.

The following grades are available:

  • Pass (50% – 70%)
  • Credit (71% – 90%)
  • Distinction (91% – 100%)


All students that successfully complete the marine mammal observer training course will receive a certificate with their grading.

Please note that this certificate entitles the bearer to work only as an MMO and does not qualify you as a certified MMO trainer. If you are interested in becoming an MMO trainer then please contact us.


How to Register

You can register by clicking on the register button at the top of the page.