Below is an outline of the course timetable. The Marine Mammal Observer/Marine Fauna Observer training course is designed to fully equip all students with the knowledge required to carry out their job efficiently and effectively, ensuring you are prepared before you start any job.

  • MMO1

    Welcome, introduction & course aims, fire drill etc

  • MMO2

    Interaction history of sound and effects on marine mammals

  • MMO3

    Introduction to law & guidelines & legal role of an MMO worldwide A unit

  • MMO3

    Introduction to law & guidelines & legal role of an MMO worldwide B & C units – this covers, World, GoM, NZ specific guidelines

  • MMO4

    Introduction to marine mammals & physiology

  • MMO5

    Marine mammal behaviours – introduction

  • MMO6

    Monitoring methods & Techniques

  • MMO7

    Homework assignment Question Time for the day

  • MMO8

    Homework assignment results – discussion

  • MMO9

    Introduction to species’ identification

  • MMO10

    Observation and data control reporting systems

  • MMO11

    Animal ID quiz and data collection

  • MMO12

    Video test (mock practical) – data collection and assessment

  • MMO13

    Work and interaction offshore – the practicalities

  • MMO14

    BOSEIT, MIST & offshore requirements

  • 1MMO15

    Risk Assessment: travel to vessel: safety briefing

  • MMO16

    Induction on vessel and vessel/marine mammal terminology

  • MMO17

    Data collection induction for JNCC/CSA/DoC

  • MMO18

    Final practical assessment